Party campaigners should be party members

What the lack of critical party members in Ukraine means for the state of democracy? Ukraine’s pre-election process is at its peak, politicians’ names, faces and slogans on billboards decorate streets and highways. Apart from billboards, social media campaigns and television there are campaigners in public places, unenthusiastically handing out leaflets about certain candidates. Being…



The Collegium of Anna Yaroslavna East is a NGO and analytical center, which was founded  in Mariupol, Donetsk oblast in 2018. CAY East is, per se, a social innovation, as it goes beyond a NGO with a single agenda to function as a network of NGOs and universities that collaborate on various topics.

The goal of the Collegium is to change the current perception of Eastern Ukraine and to accumulate analysis for development of agenda on its development.

CAY East is founded on a principle of social innovation. It engages into new projects that aim at reforming society and offer sustainable and effective alternatives to existing practices.

Our major objective is to analyze political reforms and explore ways to democratize and reintegrate the occupied regions of the country.