Lead scientific researcher, PhD

Head of CAY think tank, lead scientific researcher at CAY East Mrs. Nanivska Recognized expert on public administration and reform of political institutions, creator of institutional de-sovietization concept. As director of the International Center for Perspective Studies, she made a significant contribution in inception and development of full-fledged public policy and advocacy. She has vast…

Chair of the Board

Chair of the Board Mrs. Gordienko has more than 20 years of experience in managing the marketing technologies agency, commercial TV agency, municipal institution for culture and youth. She is an expert in public relations, strategic and tactical marketing, events organization in Ukraine and abroad. She manages financial assistance projects by the European Union for…


Member of the Board Mr. Cherniavsky is an expert in economics, finance, law local governance, as well as housing and utilities. He is also an analyst focusing on state regulation of the utilities and energy markets, transport and infrastructure.

Member of the Board

Viacheslav VVoloshyn President of the Priazovsky State Technical University, a Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine merit, fellow of the International Academy of Sciences for Ecology and Life Safety, honorary member of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine and International Staff Academy, full member of New York Academy of Sciences. His…


Member of the Board

Lead analyst

ДAndriy has vast experience in the private sector, mostly in marketing and advertising, including management of his own advertising agency. Since 2001, he has been involved in election campaigns as a political writer and analyst. He is an editor of the “Companies and Markets” section of the “Business” magazine. Andriy graduated from the Institute of…

Mr. Dmitriev is an expert in management, civic self-governance and innovation processes in the education management system. He is a vice-president on scientific and pedagogical work, management and development of Priazovsky State Technical University, a candidate of pedagogical sciences.

Legal counsel

Legal counsel Mr. Agurbash is experienced as a technical and assistant manager of the EU financial assistance projects, aimed at capacity building, support the IDP and local population affected by the conflict. He also took part in development of projects for the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation to create innovative art spaces.

Finance manager

Mrs Kharchenko is an expert in financial management of the state, municipal and public sectors. Her credentials include chief accountant of the Department of Cultural and Social Development of Mariupol city council, chief accountant of the Mariupol Municipal Specialized Music School, and a financial project manager.  

Project communication officer

Mrs. Sofia is a project communication and PR officer ar CAY East. She is specializing in international and public communications, and regional studies.